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About this Blog

MidAge Mom is for women who are parenting in midlife rather than celebrating the empty nest on a beach in Bali . . .

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About MidAge Mom

MidAge Mom is for women who had kids late and are parenting in midlife, rather than celebrating the empty nest on a beach in Bali. It’s for women squeezing in their midlife revelations before the school pickup. It’s for mothers riding the hormonal roller coaster while competing with their teen or tween for bathroom time.

In short, it’s about thriving and surviving a new life stage where midlife meets motherhood.

How can you care for yourself while caring for others? How can you remain true to your parenting values in a world so different than the one you grew up in? How can you satisfy your own midlife need to grow and develop while supervising homework?

Welcome, and share here!

About Jennifer

I’m a longtime journalist and the author of Beyond One: Growing a Family and Getting a Life.

I had my first daughter at 40 and second at 42. Almost 20 years later they’re in high school and college, and I’ve done some growing up too. Midlife motherhood isn’t always predictable. In the last four years I’ve confronted an unexpected challenge, dealing with anxiety and depression so severe that I’ve had to be hospitalized. I share my experience on this blog and hope you will share yours too. . . Read Jennifer’s Bio.

For parenting tips and more information on my work, visit Jennifer’s website.

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