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MidAge Mom is for women who are parenting in midlife rather than celebrating the empty nest on a beach in Bali . . .

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Happy to Be In Season!

Need guidance on becoming a midlife mom? Advice on conceiving and giving birth after age 35 or 40?

Check out InSeason Mom, Cynthia Wilson James’ wonderful resource for midlife mothers.

Cynthia is a former childbirth educator whose own story is inspirational. Marrying for the first time at 40, she conceived without fertility treatments and gave birth to two healthy daughters at 42 and 44. Here’s to late bloomers!

Her articles are so supportive and positive. You’ll feel good just reading them. And you’ll also find helpful resources on Cynthia’s site, including her special coaching programs.

This month, you’ll also find me!

I’m pleased to be the featured InSeason Mom for March. (It sure beats being out of season!)

If you’ve got the infertility blues, check out our interview. My story is a reminder of how quickly your luck can change, often when you least expect it. Sometimes you really can win the fertility game – even get your money back.

The other featured moms’ interviews are great too and reminded me that I’m far from alone in this special midlife journey.

See you at InSeason Mom!


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