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About this Blog

MidAge Mom is for women who are parenting in midlife rather than celebrating the empty nest on a beach in Bali . . .

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MidAge Mom is for You!

Are you still parenting at an age when your mother was feathering her empty nest?

Do you mean to get to the dermatologist for some Retin-A but keep landing at the pediatrician’s?

Are you a seasoned professional with decades of experience  – maybe even a graduate degree – being brought to your knees by potty training?

Then this blog is for you.

I’m starting MidAge Mom because as a woman who had two kids in her 40s and is now raising them in her 50s I haven’t encountered much that describes my experience.

Articles abound on fertility. And the news regularly cites the growing number of older moms.

But the story usually ends there leaving one question unanswered: what’s it like to raise kids in midlife?

That’s the subject I invite you to explore with me in MidAge Mom.

We midlife moms are pioneers. Never have so many women parented so late. It’s a pretty grand, historic adventure.

My aim is to celebrate this unique experience while also examining its challenges. I’ll pass on parenting tips. Mostly, though, I’ll focus on the woman behind the mom and the special perspective, needs and issues that bringing up children in midlife raises.

Middle age is a time when women transform themselves and come into their own. But why should all those empty nesters learning to bungee jump get all the attention? Surely, there is no greater midlife reinvention than late motherhood!

Please share your comments and bear with me as I learn to blog. This is new territory, and I’m a bit nervous.

But any woman who can survive the 48-hour, 100-degree, board-the-bus-at-5 a.m. field trip while dealing with hot flashes can master a new skill, right?


6 Responses to “MidAge Mom is for You!”

  • Mary:

    I didn’t start out as a midage mom. I had my first daughter at the relatively, young…age of 26.

    But I had my second daughter at 43 (there are three boys in between) so I fall firmly in your demographics. Looking forward to this blog….there’s not a lot out there for us!

  • JenniferHull:

    Mary, Thanks for jumping in. I really appreciate it as this blog is brand new!

    I know a lot of midlife moms in your situation. That is – you have a big gap between kids. I definitely want to explore that experience in later blog posts so I may get in touch for your insights.

    My mother had me at 25 and my youngest brother at 39, with one other brother in between. That meant she had a child at home for a much longer time than I will. (My two girls are 2 years apart.) Personally, I think I broke her in for the rest of them but I’m not sure they would agree!

    The women I know with very wide spacing between kids say that one thing they love is that they are able to have a lot of one-on-one time with each. I’m not sure if that would be your case as I think you have 5! Some do say, though, that it is hard to go all the way back to the diaper changing table once you’ve got bigger, more independent kids. All food for another blog post, I think.

  • This is interesting. You’re wanting to reach new moms in their 40s. And I’m a new grandmother in her 40s. I hope you find success with your new project. Blogging can be so much fun when you find your readership.

    Expect the best,

  • JenniferHull:

    Jackie – Thanks so much and I love your sign-off “Expect the Best.” Great attitude

    The woman across the street is a grandma and is my age so I think of you ladies on the other end of the spectrum often. Every morning her daughter drops the grandkids there as she heads to work.

    These days, every woman’s path can be different and that is so great.

  • For every question you asked, I felt my hand bolt upward: me! me! That’s me! (though my adventure is about to begin —at 47). I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  • JenniferHull:

    Caren — Welcome to MidAge Mom! I agree – this blog should be right up your alley.

    How exciting to be expecting your first now! From my experience, you used the right word. It is definitely an “adventure.”

    I keep thinking of that Dr. Seuss line, “Oh, the places you’ll go.” You haven’t gotten to Seuss yet, but you will, along with all sorts of other amazing things.

    I hope you’ll return and share some of those experiences here.

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